Electric Power Distribution Handbook, T. A. Short


To access all bibliographic entries in the handbook, you can use one of the following options:


EPRI has released a wealth of great reports to the public. See below for some of my favorites and some I’ve been involved with.

You should be able to find out information on any EPRI report cited in the handbook using the search box at epri.com. Report numbers should bring the search right to the top as well as similar reports.

Fault location

Distribution capacitors

Reliability and power quality

Distributed generation


Arc flash


This one’s not open, but it’s a fantastic resource:


IEEE Xplore is a great tool. Most of the IEEE papers cited in the handbook are available there.

Books and other resources

Here are some of my favorite books:

Industry reports


These are a selection of papers I’ve authored or coauthored. The links are to an approved version (as opposed to the published version) as allowed by IEEE for public posting.

Arc flash

Voltage reduction and distribution efficiency