Electric Power Distribution Handbook, T. A. Short

NOTE: This section is still under construction.

This section contains several self-study exercises. Most chapters have each of the following:

By chapter:

  1. Fundamentals of Distribution Systems
  2. Overhead Lines
  3. Overhead Line Performance
  4. Underground Distribution
  5. Transformers
  6. Voltage Regulation
  7. Capacitor Application
  8. Faults
  9. Short-Circuit Protection
  10. Reliability
  11. Voltage Sags and Momentary Interruptions
  12. Other Power Quality Issues
  13. Lightning Protection
  14. Grounding and Safety
  15. Distributed Generation

Note that these exercises are still beta quality. They have not been put to the test by students, yet. Please provide feedback. This material is liberally licensed, so please feel free to use it however you want. Feel free to use this material for coursework even if you don’t use the Handbook as a course reference. If you have suggestions for more exercises, please let me know.

The Questions that focus on concepts may work well with the Peer Instruction approach to instruction. With this approach, lectures incorporate concept-related questions for interactive instruction.

Professors and other educators, please contact me if you need Handbook-related materials (such as figures) for use in classes.