Electric Power Distribution Handbook, T. A. Short

Voltage Drop (or Rise) along a Line Section

This app models the voltage drop or rise from unbalanced or balanced load on an overhead distribution line. The load is constant throughout the segment modeled. The voltages at the start of the segment are balanced.

End-of-Line Results

Voltage-Drop Profiles


For the power factors, a positive value means an inductive load, and a negative value means a capacitive load. You can also use a negative current to indicate generation of real power. The line capacitance is ignored.

If not โ€œNoneโ€, the โ€œRegulatorโ€ input specifies the location along the line of an ideal voltage regulator (no impedance and perfect regulation to the setpoint).

For impedances, this app uses a simple implementation of the equations outlined in section 2.4. The frequency is fixed at 60 Hz. For more sophisticated line modeling and voltage drop calculations, see OpenDSS.